We are passionnate about
taking care of your animals

Hello! We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves; we are Caitlyn & Rob Bush – AKA BUSH-els of Fun!! 

We’re a lot like you. In our home, our dog is a member of our family. He’s one of our children. So when we’re going away and need care for him, we need the very best people for the job. He needs the very best environment where he can be himself, and a welcoming home is the only place where he can truly do that. We need a place that will take his medical requirements seriously.  We need people who will respect his unique diet restrictions and unique form of exercise.  We need someone to allow him to be a part of their family during his time there. A place with experience, knowledge, and education on how best to care for our furbaby is the most important.
Because we’re so much like you, we can offer you the peace of mind that when your dog stays with us, we will love them like we love our own. And that truly means giving your dog the very best care at BUSH-els of Fun!

All of our staff is bonded, so you can have peace of mind while we care for your pet & home!

Certified trainer through Dr. Dunbar Training Academy

Certified in Pet First Aid

  • Pet Psychology
  • Canine Communication
  • Behaviour & training problems
  • Beginner grooming
  • Dog Aggression

Our services allow you to live worry-free when you’re away from your pet.